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Our turnkey ecosystem generates sustainable and reliable electricity powered by proven geothermal technologies.

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Benefits of Geothermal Energy


Locational Flexibility

Given Colorado’s geology, our technology is 24/7 baseload deployable anywhere in the state. This strategic placement option is a key driver for planning.


Carbon Free

Our geothermal technology produces ZERO emissions and is considered “Pure-Green.” Combining our miniaturized Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology makes the facility “Carbon Negative.


Affordable Infrastructure

Using off-the-shelf, commercially proven components significantly reduces both the fixed and variable maintenance costs of the facility.



Our geothermal provides 24/7 baseload energy and 17-hour on-demand dispatchable storage.

Clean Energy, Cleaner Colorado, Pure Green.

Our Story

We are three industry CEOs who combined our respective advanced renewable energy technologies, decades of complex project execution, and our passion to make a difference, into a singular offering for the State of Colorado.

Our ecosystem driver is advanced low-depth geothermal energy generation and storage deployable today and anywhere within the State. This 24/7 baseload energy and 17-hour on-demand, dispatchable storage provides reliable and non-intermittent CO2-free energy.

This “Pure-Green” energy can then power our miniaturized Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology, turning a site into a CARBON NEGATIVE location by removing tons of harmful greenhouse gasses (GHS) annually and at an economically viable cost.

Finally, if green fuels are needed, we bring NASA-awarded hydrogen technologies to the mix, which can be scaled up for demand growth by way of its modular design.  

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